in passing

The way summer leaves. Knowingly. But slow in the leaving. It still wants to speak with the trees, and make leaves happy… At times, letting in the fall, but still looking back over it’s shoulder… The steps are slow. Because it shared so much  with the countryside, and the city. Things, that fall will ruthlessly take away. Like green, and sunlight, the warmth, and fruit.

Things people love. Summer is about making others happy. And enjoying the process. Giving is a high pleasure.

So it is careful, to leave some of it’s most precious tokens at the end of it’s short visit. Like the delicate smell of apples in the evening breeze. And the stars sparkling in a clear night.

That way, summer is sure to be remembered. not forgotten, when the rains start visiting at night. Warm and calm at first.


Because fall has it’s own charm. Thoughtful and dreamy… for things one is not even sure of… Because gold truly is a grand color. And when it plays with red, and splashes streets and hills with brightness, who could resist?  And the rain keeps singing, and dropping silver to the ground. Who will tell what the song is about? Perhaps remembering summer, or longing for winter.

But maybe it’s a song of it’s own. Perfectly content… not to be snow… or shooting stars of summer months. Maybe it’s a solo. Beautiful in it’s own right. Because it will tell stories others cannot.

So when fall slowly descends with the leaves, or passes through on the breeze, like a forgotten neighbor… consider it not a weary time, but count your blessings from the year past.

And cherish autumn for it’s own song.


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